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Why GraphQL?

What does the perfect API look like? It should be efficient, fast and easy to use for our users and it should be equally efficient, fast and…Read more

Optimize your app with GraphQL, Match Media and the Network Information API

I ❤️ GraphQL. It's awesome because it lets you query for the exact data that your application needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. While this…Read more

ng-template - the how, the when and the beauty

I’ll start this one off with a quick challenge. Think of your five favourite features of Angular. Are ng-templates on that list? It…Read more

Open Closed Principle

SOLID Series : Open-Closed Principle Have you ever found yourself fighting through legacy code, trying to find the right line to modify in…Read more

Single Responsibility Principle

SOLID Series : Single Responsibility Principle (img) Writing software is easy. What's hard is to write software that's easy to understand…Read more

Static typing is your safety net

Many JavaScript developers are used to dynamic types and find TypeScript’s static typing approach rather annoying. Here are my two cents…Read more